In this platform we welcome contributions about different ways in which design intersects with Critical Posthumanism:

  • Stories: Personal reports, thought pieces, or short essays on critical practices, pedagogies, research, or approaches in design, or chances and limits of critical posthumanism for the discipline.
  • Events: Invitations to and open calls for on- and offline non-institutional and academic events such as conferences, symposia, talks, workshops, etc. at the intersection of design + posthumanism.
  • Projects: Design (or design-related) projects that work with critical posthumanism as a framework or approach, or engage with the discourse via a designerly approach.
  • Teaching: Reports about past or future institutional and non-institutional courses, seminars, workshops, or projects, including syllabi or retrospectives.
  • Publications: (Formats like but not limited to) book, paper, podcast, or exhibition recommendations, including short description and review.
  • Stitches: Micro interviews with community members, designers, scholars, researchers, or artists.