INSECT Summercamp

We, Ana Goidea, Asya Ilgün, Dilan Özkan, Phil Ayres, Svenja Keune, and Laurin Kilbert are organizing the I.N.S.E.C.T. Summercamp in August and hereby invite you to co-create Part 2 together with us.Dear friends, colleagues, and neighbours!We, Ana Goidea, Asya Ilgün, … read more

Thickening of Futures

Åsa Ståhl, Kristina Lindström and Li Jönsson: We would like to share a newly published paper: The Thickening of Futures. Abstract This paper engages with biodiversity loss. In particular, it focuses on observations and scientific facts: the decline of pollinators … read more

Studio Träda

Together with my three friends Klara, Mats and Matilda we have started a collaboration relating to architecture and issues of posthumanism. We are planning on collecting our thoughts and projects under our common practice that we call Studio Träda. We … read more

Feral Malmö

Working with Meadow Lab, Feral Malmö has been continuing with walks around the city. Most recently in Pildammsparken we have been following paths through the carefully arranged beeches and exploring the concept of Bioregionalism, as described by Peter Berg and … read more