The Platform

The ongoing design project The Platform was launched during the course ”Design and the Posthumanist Perspective” at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg. It is rooted in the overarching issue of a broken relationship between humans, more-than-humans and the natural world – and how … read more


Biomenstrual is a collection of biomaterial experiments, rituals, and spells for imagining, designing and practicing menstrual care beyond the human body. The project explores designing for non-anthropocentric, ecofeminist practices of human menstrual care. We focus on how menstrual products are … read more

Studio Träda

Together with my three friends Klara, Mats and Matilda we have started a collaboration relating to architecture and issues of posthumanism. We are planning on collecting our thoughts and projects under our common practice that we call Studio Träda. We … read more