VIBRA Research Network

VIBRA is a multi-scale endeavor that aims to create more inclusive living environments for human and non-human residents. Our team brings together practitioners from biotremology (animal vibration communication), inclusive studies, and more-than-human perspectives to design, art, and architecture to develop more-than-visual aesthetics that will strengthen our society’s sensory diversity. We take inspiration from the insect world, whose array of vibrational communication methods are just now being understood.

What happens when Biotremology, Inclusive Information Science, and Research through Art and Design meet?

To generate an understanding of the theoretical, methodological, and practical implications that this new network can bring forth, we engage in the co-creation of shared experiences. This is important due to the high trans-disciplinary background of the different members. Our activities aim to be practical, involve materials, and lead to experiences deeper than a theoretical discussion or conceptual brainstorming can offer.

Our first network meeting is an online festival 5th – 9th August 2024. Its results will inform the I.N.S.E.C.T. Summercamp 2024 which is exploring vibration as a sensory multispecies perspective from August 12th – 18th.

If you want more information contact the network manager Svenja Keune via email to
Sign up for the festival here.