Bladderwrack Night

This time of the year, under a full moon, a great reproduction of algae will commence, as it has once every year since before time began. This is the mass event of the bladderwrack, the vital seaweed that lines the coasts of the Öresund in dense marine thickets. The bladderwrack sits at the foundation of many coastal ecosystems, and its continued regeneration guarantees the possibility of a future for an innumerable number of species in our local sea.  

For centuries the Öresund has been overexploited, and today, the connections our region had once relied upon for food and for living have long since diminished. But if we took care to restore the life of the Öresund and mend our relationships to the ocean’s marine life, what might that future look like? Might we one day be able to fish and farm upon the sea without the fear of contamination or imminent ecological collapse?

On June 30th, join us for this most important night for the sea’s nourishing algae, and help us imagine what the music, decorations, performances, games, and rituals of a future Bladderwrack Festival in 2035 might be. A decade from now if we are able to care and tend to the needs of our sea accordingly, how might we one day celebrate this great lunar flourishing for a species that holds in its blades the promise of tomorrow’s Öresund?

June 30

Naturum Öresund, Malmö
This event is part of  “Heterotopias,”  a Food Futures Prototype project funded by Vinnova. Together with When! When!, SALLY/Doberman EY, and the City of Malmö, Feral Malmö will design and host speculative futures prototypes  in the Malmö region that look at the relationships we have to our non-human neighbors, and the roles they play in building resilient urban future food systems.