Attending [to] Futures

Matters of Politics in Design Education, Research, Practice

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If “design” is the lens through which we glimpse into possible futures, this volume asks: What are the futures we are capable of imagining? As a subject of study, design is enabled and constrained by educational institutions and academic traditions. As a profession it is conditioned by systems of labor. As a creative activity it is shaped by what tools are programmed to do. Authors in this book challenge common ways of knowing, being, and doing in design with regard to the futures they facilitate and interrogate the role, responsibility, and potential of a plurality of design practices in confrontation with social and environmental crises.

In this way this volume does not only ask about designed futures, but also the futures of design: What are the consequences drawn from a critical examination of the histories and politics underlying normative renderings of design? How can we disrupt the perpetuation of biases and rei.cation of social injustices?

Self-reflexively engaging their own experiences and work, authors in this volume interrogate design in all its convoluted modalities: as activism, practice, discipline, way of knowing, field of study and set of objects.

Johanna Mehl
Carolin Höfler
Abigail Schreider
Adam DelMarcelle
Anke Haarmann
Ayako Takase
Becky Nasadowski
Bibiana Oliveira Serpa
Bonne Zabolotney
Carmem Saito
César Neri
Chris Hamamoto
Chris Lee
Dorsa Javaherian
Edith Lázár
Federico Pérez Villoro
Frederick M.C. van Amstel
Frieder Bohaumilitzky
Heather Snyder Quinn
Henrique Eira
Imad Gebrael
Ina Scheffler
Isabella Brandalise
Jaione Cerrato
Jon Halls
Juan de la Rosa
Lauren Williams
Lisa Baumgarten
Luiza Prado de O. Martins
Marius Förster
Mindy Seu
Mira Schmitz
ngoc trieu
Rafaela Angelon
Søren Rosenbak
Sven Quadflieg
Tom Bieling
Torben Körschkes
Zoë Rush