Workshop Open Call! “Designing with the More-than-Human: Temporalities of Thinking with Care”

The advent of the Anthropocene brought about an understanding of time that is associated with acceleration and fast-paced rhythms. Arguably, we need different and plural understandings of time that help us engage with living beings and the rates and ways in which they engage life, the space around them, and their relations with other entities. We believe more-than-human temporalities and their inclusion in the design process have never been more ‘timely’. Our workshop positions this timeliness in conjunction with the need to explore this emerging space with fellow researchers.

We will bring together HCI researchers, designers, and practitioners to engage with more-than-human temporalities in the context of designing with care. By using living and once-living media (e.g., fungi, plant and insect specimens, bio-designed artefacts) as starting points for investigating more-than-human temporalities, we will discuss how a pluralistic temporal approach can offer the discourse of designing-with nonhuman entities, and how this aligns with emerging HCI research trajectories and concerns.

We welcome submissions from various disciplines and topics, including but not limited to:
– Post-human, more-than-human, other-than-human design
– Bio and sustainable design (artefact, case study, method)
– Temporal design
– Care-based design
– Provocative, Speculative and Participatory design

We intend to further grow the more-than-human design (MTHD) community and scaffold this area at DIS. We position both temporality and care as essential sensibilities and conceptual frameworks that extend designers’ imaginaries on what it means to design for more-than-human centred worlds.

an invitation by network member Yuta Ikeya
about the workshop:
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Further Info: Check our website for the submission details! Submission deadline: June 15th. Check ACM DIS2023 website for the general information regarding the conference. 
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