DUSK – A UIA Side Event

Network members inviting you to events at the World Congress of Architecture in Copenhagen

Scandinavia is famous for its long summer days, the liminal time bridging sunny brightness with dark nights. DUSK then is the threshold, known for creating an atmosphere of calm openness, curiosity and exploration. We, the inviting actors are a collaboration in between ‘Skovhaven i byen’ / ‘Forest garden in the city’ with its anchoring in Copenhagen, the mobile exploratory household ‘Holding Surplus House’  featuring a research-based Tiny House on Wheels (THoW), the international multispecies collective ‘I.N.S.E.C.T’, and the ‘Living Textiles Collective’. 

We invite curious participants – no matter whether you’re already part of the Design and Posthumanism network – to gather for a string of sensory co-creative events: 

a ForestGardenSalon with conversations about urban biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics, Sensory Tours in which we guide visitors through the ForestGarden in mindful discovery, including sensory observations, meditation and creative expressions, a screening of the I.N.S.E.C.T. Summercamp 2022 Documentary film, an exhibition of artefacts/works from the contributors that showcase multispecies relations, a workshop to make seasonal clothing for the Tiny House on Wheels itself and its inhabitants. One such making will be that of insulation panels that can host seeds and insects. This will be the time and place to explore an ecosystemic approach to life-sustaining co-living that strives to, as indicated through the UIA motto, “leave no one behind”. In this case it includes an invitation to multispecies wellbeing for flourishing biodiversity.

Opening hours for private ForestGarden
Monday and Tuesday (3.-4. July)
19:15 Entrance to Forest Garden, 19:30 – 21:00 Event

Monday: Film, Sensory Tour, Exhibition
Tuesday: Forest Garden Salon, Exhibition
Opening hours for Tiny House on Wheels (Surplus House)
Monday and Tuesday (3.-4. July)
19:30 – 21:00 

Monday: Workshop on Seasonal Clothing for the Surplus House
Tuesday: Open House
Wednesday 5th July: Open House until 2 pm 
Location of our side event
Skovhaven i byen, Sumatravej 21, 2300 Copenhagen 
Let us know in advance on svenja.keune@hb.se 
or asa.stahl@lnu.se or simply show up! 
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