Kjerringøy AIR

Here are some glimpses from an ongoing art practice, where communication with the landscape and the other-than-human holds a central space.

The method of asking the landscape what it wishes runs through most of my various projects, in this case a residency stay. It is an attempt to learn how to take a step back and listen, but still engage. A kind of unlearning, or re-programming myself to something I deemed self-evident in early childhood; an understanding of the desire of all things for life, agency and expression. I think of it as training my inherent animist tendencies. The artistic ”results” are unpredictable. The more I enter a project with a preconceived notion of what will happen, the more the Other seems to put themselves at odds and assert their will. It is humbling, often frustrating and at times pure joy.

The images are from Kjerringøy AIR in northern Norway, Nov. 2022. I set out to do a project with fire, and it turned out the landscape wasn’t always in to that. After some tryouts and negotiations, I surrendered to stitching kelp, gathering seashells and searching for a stone with a hole in it. Curiously monitored by ubiquitous white-tailed eagles.

Story by: Elin Sundström
Tipping point photo: Lise Seier Petersen
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