Fabulation for Future

The digital exhibition How to Become a Posthuman is part of the collective artistic research project Fabulation for Future, which is based on the call for deputies to form the fictive International Committee to Save the Earth through Speculative Fabulation. The 33 international committee deputies met online for the first time in September 2021: during an online symposium Intra-Activity: the Posthuman, Fabulation and Matter and an online workshop, the deputies unfolded fabulative concepts and intertwined their approaches. These were sympoietically developed further in a subsequent 9-month project process and are now presented in the digital exhibition. Physical continuations of the exhibition are planned for 2023 under the title Games of Becoming.

Due to the interrelated ecological, pandemic and economical crises we perceive humanity and its anthropocentric way of life on a damaged planet as in urgent need of change. How to Become a Posthuman invites the viewer to engage with diffractive possibilities of modification: how can we rethink the earth as a habitat for all species with differing spheres of life? And how can we reconnect these species and spheres in a non-anthropocentric way? The kaleidoscopically presented and often processual artworks and texts project initial speculative ideas of how the critical, posthuman being might reconceive the self. Necessary forces of artistic and philosophical action in social, political, economic and extra-societal contexts are conceived, tested, formulated, designated or designed with the involvement of human, non-human and more-than-human actors and relations. The digital exhibition How to Become a Posthuman is dedicated to fabulations, projections and thoughts that open up possibilities for agential performativity – an explicit “call for action”. The future is not something that happens, but something that we shape in the present! Welcome!

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