Studio Träda

Together with my three friends Klara, Mats and Matilda we have started a collaboration relating to architecture and issues of posthumanism. We are planning on collecting our thoughts and projects under our common practice that we call Studio Träda. We have just received a runner-up award for our proposal in Västerås for the architecture competition Europan 16, where we have dealt with multispecies co-creation of a large urban development project. All the awarded proposals have overlapping approaches to the site when it comes to integrating non-human agents in the process. A refined proposal will be developed together further this spring and hopefully this will lead to an interesting contemporary urban planning project that accepts and includes more-than-human agencies in the process in a new way!

You can find our proposal here
And a link to our Instagram where we are planning to continue our discussions.
Best regards, Marcus Andersson, Mats Andersson, Matilda Hansson Jessen & Klara Wahlstedt Studio Träda